At the heart of almost every business transaction is a contract. It memorializes an understanding of the parties and reflects a meeting of the minds. Though contracts vary widely in their scope and purpose, their basic goal is the provision of money, goods, actions or services, or promised refrain from specified conduct from one party to another.


When a contract has been properly constructed and executed, it’s protected by the full weight of the law. Glantzlaw attorneys are highly experienced in servicing contract matters, from negotiating drafting, and revising, to protecting, enforcing, and if necessary, litigating. We take great pride in the level of personal attention that we provide to our clients in contract matters, no matter their complexity or purpose. Passionate in our commitment to our clients, we’re here to help.

“At GLANTZLAW , we are  here to help people and make a positive difference in their lives.” -  Ron and Wendy Glantz

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